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Have you ever walked into someones home and been memorized by the amazing scent that emanates from every corner? The kind of aromas that make you smile inside? Do wish you could find that same comfort, that same personalized signature to your life? Well you can with our world renowned selection. Wondering where to buy Scensty? Well, we’ve made it easy with our Scentsy store. Buying Scentsy online has never been so easy. Know exactly what you want, then take advantage of our easy to use Scentsy website. Have some question? No problem, contact us, we’re here to help and love to chat fragrance. We can even help you turn your love of fragrance into a rewarding career. We’re your one stop shop, your portal to buy Scentsy whenever the mood strikes. So come in, take a look around and make your world smell Ah-Mazing.

Scentsy is much more than just products. It’s stories, memories and love. Fragrance not only speaks to us, it speaks for us! So no matter how you are feeling, we have something to help complete your day.

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Fragrance has a long history and has always held a special place in hearts and minds of many cultures. Perfume means “through the smoke” and in ancient times the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians believe perfumes and scents linked our world to the gods and used them in a wide variety of ceremonies as well as for health benefits.
As the years rolled on and new worlds where discovered, so too were new ingredients. Ambers, spices, cocoa and vanilla beans, as well as tobacco found new homes in manufactured fragrances. Eventually scents would find their way into use for hiding body odor as well as luxury items. It was in the 19th however that the fragrance industry was born by blending synthetic and natural materials together.
The world has changed and continues to change, but what never changes is our attachment to fragrance and it’s deep rooted importance in our lives. Today’s market demands variety and unique scents that express each individuals personality. Scentsy products fill that need and our website allows you to buy Scentsy products online and in the comfort of your own home.

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Tina Koutras
Tina KoutrasScentsy Independent Consultant
Hey there! I’m Tina and I’m all about Fragrance. I’m also all about Freedom. If your looking to buy some Scentsy products, I’m your gal. If your looking to work from home and make your way toward freedom, then I can help with that too.
Look around the site and buy what you like. If you have questions, don’t be shy, I’m lots of fun and I’m here to help. Message me and we’ll have a great time chatting.

Scentsy loves fragrance and how it connects to our emotions, our memories, and how that helps us connect with each other. It’s an international business opportunity that feels like close family.
This is a company that is passionate about what it does, because by passing around fragrances, lives are being changed for the better.

At the start Heidi and Orville were using slow cookers to mix wax in a shipping container of all places. A lot of hard work was put into the business to meet and exceed all expectations.
Now, many years later they still put in that same effort to meet and exceed all expectations. The difference is now it’s not being done from a shipping container and the business opportunity is in 11 countries. Contribute more than you take is the moto they live by.

The belief was, the way to move forward was to lead and that’s exactly what they did.
Remember that 40 foot shipping container? Well, it has blossomed into a 770,000 sq ft facility on 73 acres. It’s an all in one office, warehouse, distribution, and manufacturing space.
Manufactured with love in this state-of-the-art facility in Idaho, the many fragrances of Scentsy .com truly are unique.
By working very closely with the world’s top fragrance manufacturers Scentsy makes top quality and industry leading products.
With an output of about 200,000 Wax Bars/day the process has been refined to result in a top tier product.

Right from the start, Scentsy has been a business based on family. Right from the early days, the whole family was involved in helping out.
Scentsy is not just a business started by a family. It’s a business made for families.

Fragrance creates connections. To memories, emotions, and others. The greatest thing is it can be different things to different people.
With over 100 scents and a huge variety of products, we’re sure you’ll exactly what you need to make your day extra special, everyday.

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I’ve used Scentsy products for years and couldn’t imagine my home without it. When I walk through the door the lovely scents great me and welcome me home. Great products and a very fun company to deal with.  


Woman wearing sunglasses giving a Scentsy review

Love, love, love my Scentsy home! I use pretty much everything they offer. I use to buy Scentsy products locally but since I moved I just order Scensty online. They make it so easy. 


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