For countless years, people have been drawn to and mesmerized by the mood-shaping results of fragrance. From ancient civilizations like Egypt to the Renaissance to the more contemporary applications of the 20th century, people have been making use of fragrance to share emotions of all kinds.

Nowadays, scent is primarily for recreation and part of our personal style. We fill our homes or infuse our skin with aroma because it’s pleasing to us and those around us. There are lots of different scents out there that people make use of and with the ability to blend them into new, unique aromas, the options are limitless.

Scentsy is proud that it creates amazing home and also personal fragrances that line up with the current trends as well as delight customers. Fragrances are frequently replaced with brand-new options, sometimes as a result of the transforming periods (our scent tastes transform with them) or new trends. Likewise, if sales are slow on a particular option it means the customers just aren’t into it. If our consumers don’t love an aroma, we change it with something new.

There are more than 90 scents due to the fact that every nose is different and likes what it likes. You get selection as well as exhilaration with every Scentsy item. We’re generally able to forecast whether a new scent will be prominent among Scentsy fans, based upon its resemblance to other scents or the structure of scent notes we utilized to develop it.

Just have a look at the Classics Collection for a pretty strong idea of what our customers love most.

Many scents change seasonally, yet several have been bestsellers for a years (or more)! You could be asking yourself, as we commonly do, “Why are some fragrances short lived, while others stand the long test of time”?
The answer can be mapped back with the ages. The fragrances we’re naturally attracted to are somewhat intrinsic to how we live.


Dates all the way back to ancient Egypt, when carefully picked jasmine was utilized to sweeten the odor of sacrificial offerings, or burned to get in touch with the gods.


The Romans linked fragrance to status, spritzing their skin with rosewater or utilizing the flowers to add scent to public baths. This decadence was part of the culture.


The Age of Enlightenment brought a great many new scents to Europe via the globe’s most famous travelers. In the later part of the 1400s, Columbus was connected with bringing vanilla, cardamom, pepper, sandalwood, clove as well as various other items made use of for taste and scent.

So that’s simply a tiny peak into the lengthy background of fragrance! To discover a more current (yet no less remarkable) past, check out Scentsy and it’s products.