Why Join Scentsy?

Only you can answer that question, but what we can tell you is that whatever your goals or reasons, becoming a Scentsy rep is the perfect vehicle to help you achieve them.

Looking for a little extra income? Or do you just hate going to the 9-5? Want to travel to dream locations? Whatever you’re reasons, selling Scentsy brings so much freedom potential to your day, everyday.

Work for yourself but not by yourself. Becoming a Scentsy consultant makes you part of a team – a team with friendship, adventure and tons of fun. There is always someone there to help you grow.

As a Scentsy distributor you’ll get: Ongoing personal development, business tools, online training, and marketing resources.

Sell Scentsy, grow your team and before you know it you could have: fun, flexibility, and freedom.

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Don’t take our word for it. Check out these Scentsy Consultants living their best life!

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Pretty much everyone wants more of something.

More: money, time, love, fun, space, travel, more family time,more fun, more money, more fulfillment, more travel, time with family, fulfillment…. and the list goes on.
Most often, when we pursue more of something, others will fall behind. Balance is often elusive. Make a move to earn more money and we loose precious family time. It can be any number of scenarios and we likely haven’t even realized it’s happened or is happening.

Every now and then something comes along that allows you to push towards that “MORE” and actually get it with a perfect balance in place. For many, that is Scentsy – a way to get “MORE” out of life.
What if it works for you, too?

Why Choose Scentsy?
There are a great many reason to join Scentsy but we chose 6 main reasons that we think benefit people most.
Scentsy consultants join for a wide variety of reasons. There are no wrong answers. Figure out what resonates with you and go for it!

1. More Money

Things are always changing. These days, more and more individuals are starting side gigs so they can get those extras that makes life more enjoyable. By using your free time to sell Scentsy, you can earn between 20-36% on product sales. It gets even better when you build a team.*
The Scensty compensation plan is designed to be fair and profitable. Check it out along with the Scentsy consultant levels.
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2. Freedom = More time doing you!

What’s your want?
More family time? Those little kids of ours grow up so fast.
Maybe you want more hours dedicated to getting in shape. Maybe it’s to learn to play an instrument but never had the time.
Love sleeping in? Hate that rush hour traffic? Maybe you need to ditch that desk.

This is called your WHY and it’s what motivates and drives you. (Yes, you can have more than one.)
Becoming a Scentsy consultant is an amazing opportunity because you can work it in your spare time. It’s flexible so do it whenever, wherever.

3. Travel and Vacations.

Do you have built up wanderlust? Are you wanting to chill on the beach? Maybe you’d prefer a chalet and skiing getaway.

Some of the great perks of being a Scentsy distributor are the rewards for meeting product sales and recruiting targets. You can be rewarded with travel! You heard that right. Pretty awesome isn’t it?

4. Products You Can Fall In Love With.

It’s easy to fall in love with fragrance because it connects us with our memories and helps to make us feel amazing. It’s really that potent!
Add that fact that our products are of extremely high quality and you end up with a loyal following and many repeat, loyal customers.
Scentsy sells many consumable items like bars, soaps, and sprays. This means your customers will run out and then need to buy more. As a Scentsy associate, that’s where you step in and save the day.

5. Friends That Become Just Like Family.

Scentsy consultants join the team because they have a love for the products. They end up staying because they fall in love with the tight knit Scentsy community. Our family has this special quality called Scentsy Spirit. Passion, encouragement, enthusiasm and drive.
Scentsy consultants are all about their families and each other.

6. Top Tier Support

Scentsy’s an industry-leading, award-winning direct sales company. You’re looking at the most amazing fragrance based products on the market with the business and tech tools to help you sell them at an incredible rate. Scensty’s core values are: Simplicity, Authenticity and Generosity and our support echo’s those very things.

Next steps.

Here is the chance to run your very own independent business. With it you’ll get the support and resources from a huge company full of people who want you to succeed and become your best version of you. Build a legacy without loosing all your precious family time.
Are you feeling the pull to action this info? Join our team. Achieve your goal(s). Get more out of your life.

Become a Scentsy Consultant today.

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