We generally spend much more time outdoors in the summer months, particularly when there is a swimming pool, lake or sea filled with swim-able water close by, however, there’s absolutely no good reason to lose that sunshiny sensation whenever you head indoors! It just takes a little bit of initiative (and color) to include vivid, care free summer design to your house.

Listed here are a number of tips to help get you there:


Incorporate a dash or 2 of color to every one of your living areas.

You enhance the entire residence for Christmas time, why not decorate the residence for summertime? It’s much easier (and more economical) than ever before to discover brilliant accessories such as throw cushions, wall art as well as knick-knacks. Have a look at your local craft shop for pre-made decor or whatever you require to Do It Yourself.
To prevent excessive clutter, get accents that perform double-duty. Place a Southern Hospitality Warmer on the counter or perhaps plug in a Mini Warmer, include a warm sunny, fruity scent and get two-for-one summer atmosphere.


Help make all those summer feelings stick with vivid, summer style scents.

For one reason or another we all love fruity and or citrus scents in the warmer months. It just seems right. Luckily Scentsy has a ton of these fruity/citrus choices to make your home into the perfect summer getaway.


Toss open the curtains and let all that glorious sunlight in!

Almost every thing looks much better when seen in natural lighting. (With the exception of dust bunnies.).
Sunshine is amazing! It doesn’t only help your house look and feel colorful and inviting, it’ll likewise lift your spirits.
Getting up with the sun really helps the day start a little bit, , brighter! Forget about blackout drapes this summer and wake along with the sunshine of another incredible day.
Natural light nourishes your soul as well as all of your plants. But the summer heat can be harsh on fragile flowers, so bring your flowers inside your home for a just bright enough reprieve from the extreme rays.

Here’s a tip: Vibrant, robust flowers such as the African Violet help make your house feel lavish all year round.