Did you know that by constantly utilizing a child’s sense of smell we may help with developing their language and taste. It also helps form associations and memories which is why we offer kids scents.
From the moment a child is born, we engage them in sensory play. We show them new and interesting visuals, play them music, allow them to feel different textures, taste different tastes and speak to them. But what about smelling new things? A child’s sense of smell is frequently taken for granted. Smelling new things is vital to how people learn and understand about the world around them. So in addition to the tickles, songs and picture books, it’s important for parents to be playing with their children’s perception of aromas.

A Child’s Fragrance Development Starts Early

Dr. Ann Sophie Barwich, is a empirical philosopher, historian and cognitive scientist of technology, science, and the senses at the University of Columbia. Barwich says “They have already started to smell and identify scent while inside the womb. They get a sense of the mom’s scent from the inside, which is part of why they are able to recognize their mother so well after they are born and it takes longer for them to recognize their father by his scent.”
Sight can take a several months to come into play, but a child’s sense of smell is very well developed right from day 1. This is perfect for parents who want to engage immediately. There are a few reasons to do that according to Barwich, most notably language and food.
Smell is linked to food because it’s bundled with how we experience flavors. I think we all can think of a time when we had a nasty cold in which our smell was dampened. When that happens, meal-times become bland and even flavorless.

Why Stimulate A Child’s Scent Profile

Dr Barwich says “It will benefit your children to grow up appreciating a wide variety of food and not just stick to specific flavors”. “To be accustomed with various scents will help with that.”
Scents can aid with developing your child’s vocabulary. Describing how something smells requires imagination. Barwich mentions that as kids develop and become verbal, new smells can excite their mind in fantastic ways. “You can train their vocabulary by giving them various scents and then asking them to describe them”. There are no wrong answers. Children can choose metaphors, images or colors. “It is a way for them to train their language and imagination.”

Some simple methods for engaging with scent is to make note of things during common daily activities. For example; when children are watching the dogs run around at the park, or listening to the birds, why not mention the smell of the freshly cut grass grass.


Girl smelling a flower
During cooking sessions is a perfect time to associate scents. Herbs are a fantastic way to stimulate things. As the child sniffs the herb the parents can describe it along with what it’s commonly used for. When the children get older they are able to aid with growing and harvesting herbs from the garden. They may even be able to know the difference in fragrance between dried leaves, crushed or whole herbs.
There is also a memory game where you take cotton balls and apply scents to them. These smells can come from essential oils, whole ingredients or even perfumes. The goal is to smell one cotton ball, pause, and then find it’s duplicate in a pile. Just make sure if the children are fairly young that they don’t try to eat the cotton balls.

Kids Fragrances

We believe it’s important for kids to have their own comfort zone of scent. Fragrance can help stimulate imagination, create associated memories or simply help with them feeling comfortable, safe and at home. Children fragrances need to be be different than adult scents and we understand what those differences are. Everything from the name of the product to the actual aroma needs to be built around a child’s mindset.

Scentsy kid scents stay focused around what the young enjoy. Sweet, fruity aromas are what you’ll mostly find in our children fragrance product line. You can take a look at our kids collection here.