What are Scentsy Bars aka Wax Melts?

Scentsy Bars are amazingly potent bars of wonderfully scented wax that are designed to work with your Warmer. Scentsy wax melts are approx. 2.4 ounces per package and are made from top quality food grade petroleum based wax which is manufactured to melt at very low temperatures. This wax is used because of its unparalleled scent loading properties, melting point and hardness.
Scentsy wax bars are sold in pre-molded shells divided into six blocks that are easily separated. This gives you the option of separating one bar into several warmers or mixing and matching scents. Scentsy candles are unaffected by soot, so every Scentsy Bar can be loaded with more fragrance than most twelve ounce jarred candles. There’s more than 80 tantalizing scents to choose from, so pick out your favorites today.

Reasons To Choose Scentsy Melts

-Worked on by award winning fragrance designers and perfumers to ensure amazing aromas
-Made by Scentsy in The U.S
-Amazing Longevity
-Tons of scents that are categorized, including scents for kids
-Great reputation

Drop a cube in your warmer and let it fill your room with addicting, long-lasting scents. No flame means no smoke and no soot.

True Wickless Candles

No wick, no flame, all scent! These scented candle melts don’t need a flame making them the perfect way to any room magical.
These scented wax tarts are ideal for residences with pets or younger children since they don’t need an open flame to operate.

How To Use Our Scented Wax Cubes

We make it so easy to enjoy a great smelling house. Just separate a a block from our scented wax melts, place it in your warmer (sold separately) and wait for the scented wax to melt. Soon you’ll be enjoying the sublime fragrance that makes home smell like home.

Are Scentsy Bars Safe For My Home?

Scentsy wax melts contain no banned chemicals or harmful substances and follows all of the safety standards regulating the use of DEP set forth by the (IFRA) International Fragrance Association.
Scentsy wax also do not contain or release any harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). They are formulated and tested to comply with EPA regulations, the California Air Resources Board regulations as well as the International Fragrance Association’s Code of Practice. All of these impose restrictions on the use of scent ingredients that pose a risk to the environment or the consumers health.

How Long Do Scentsy Scented Wax Melts Last?

Scentsy wickless candles will last about 50 – 60 hrs. This will depend on the strength of the fragrance (as they vary), where the warmer is placed, the humidity, the season, and potentially other factors.

Scensty Candle Melts For Convenience

Melting fragranced wax tarts is fast and efficient. Within minutes you’ll start smelling the incoming wave of aromatic pleasure.
Scentsy wax is also totally hassle free in regards to maintenance and cleanup.
Want to have different scents in different rooms? No problem at all. That’s why Scentsy candles are able to be easily broken into 6 pieces. These scented wax cubes are as flexible as you need them to be to make everyone in your home happy as can be.

Our inspiration is drawn from beauty, love of home, simplicity and diversity. Scentsy bars are designed to get you the best products that are safe, cost effective and enjoyable.
Just sit back, relax and breathe in our incredible fragrances without worrying about a thing.