Scentsy Bath Bombs Are An Exciting Mix Of Fragrance, Moisturizers, Colour And Fizz. Lots Of Fizz.

These Bath Tub Bombs, are a part of our newer body product line, and put on quite the show. When dropped in the bath water, they fizz away.  As great as it sounds it’s actually our natural moisturizers, exclusive scents and handcrafted process that put our Bath Bombs in a class all their own.

Vitamin And Antioxidant Rich Bath Bombs

These hand-crafted bathtub delights are made with our own proprietary blend of high quality antioxidant and vitamin rich ingredients to help with moisturizing and softening your skin.

Made with sunflower oil, shea butter, aloe vera, and other premium ingredients. Handcrafted. 150 g


How Scentsy Bath Bombs Are Made?

Each of our premium bath bombs is made by hand at our state of the art manufacturing facility in Idaho by our fragrance experts. They small-batch mix a proprietary blend of premium antioxidant and vitamin rich ingredients. Each and every bath bomb is carefully hand-packed and set to cure for the optimal amount of time. From there, they are wrapped, boxed and waiting to be shipped for you! Manufacturing small batches as required helps us make sure you are getting only the freshest, most effective product. It’s all about getting the highest quality and performance possible.


What Makes Them Fizz?

A reaction between sodium bicarbonate and citric acid causes the fizz. They don’t react when dry, but when you add water to the mix they react creating a fizzy and fun experience. The reaction helps with the bath bomb breaking apart, which releases the moisturizing ingredients, the fragrance and the color.


How Big Are They?

Scentsy Bath Bombs weight 150 grams which is 5.3 oz and are about the size of a baseball.


How To Use A Bath Bomb

Fill your tub with some good old H2O, and add in a Scentsy Bath Bomb. Now sit back and relax as it dissolves releasing fragrance, color and natural moisturizers in the process.

Scentsy Bath Bomb Luna Scented with box