Scentsy Counter Clean

This is a multi-purpose counter cleaner spray that cleans while it forms a clear, dirt repelling barrier on sealed surfaces. Oh ya… It smells nice too.  473 mL

• The formula is ammonia-free
• Safe on granite, counters as well as bathroom fixtures.
• Using this product continuously makes cleaning much easier over time.
• A wide variety of Scentsy fragrances to pick from

Scentsy counter clean luna scent

What’s Counter Clean? 

It’s an ammonia-free, multi-surface product that cleans and protects by preventing grime and dirt from accumulating.


Are there benefits to utilizing Counter Clean? 

Absolutely. Counter Clean is designed to make your cleaning tasks much easier with continued use. It also smells incredible!


Is it safe for all surfaces? 

It’s safe to use on all sealed surfaces. This includes treated wood, granite, bathroom fixtures and counters.


Can it be used in my vehicle? 

Yep. It’s safe to use it on hard surfaces inside your vehicle.


I have children and pets. Is it safe to use around them? 

Definitely, if regular safety precautions are followed. You’ll need to keep it out of reach of pets and children to avoid any possibility of ingestion.


Is it antibacterial? 

No. It’s made for regular cleanup and maintenance.


Is this product non-toxic? 

No. Just like any cleaning product, this cleaner shouldn’t be ingested or inhaled.