Scent is a universal language, so it’s no wonder that you can find Scentsy in a large number of counties all over the world. Whether it’s North America, Mexico, the UK, Ireland, or other select European countries, you’ll be able to stay connected with all the best fragrance being offered. You can even find Scenty’s stuff as far away as Australia. The best part is, the company is always expanding so if you don’t see you country on the list, check back often. Don’t be left, take a peak at the list of Scentsy countries below.


Scentsy North America

  • Scentsy US

  • Scentsy Canada

Scentsy Mexico


Scentsy UK

  • Scentsy England

  • Scentsy Scotland

  • Scentsy Northern Ireland

  • Scentsy Wales

Scentsy Southern Ireland


Scentsy Europe

  • Scentsy Germany

  • Scentsy Austria

  • Scentsy France

  • Scentsy Spain

  • Scentsy Netherlands (Coming late 2019)

Sales Only

  • Scentsy Italy

  • Scentsy Poland

  • Scentsy Luxembourg


Scentsy Australia


Scentsy New Zealand

Scentsy global - Image of the globe