So Many Scentsy Diffusers To Choose From

Invite mother nature into your home décor with essential oil diffusers. No matter the size of your space, big or small, the tantalizing aromas of natures best oils will take your scent game to the next level.

Handcrafted and memorizing to look at! Fill your home with a huge variety of amazing essential and natural oils with a Scentsy Diffuser. Make things personalized just for you by adjusting colors, lights and mist settings. You can even change up your style with interchangeable shades.

– 16 brilliant colorful LED light effects to allow you to set the mood whatever it may be

–  Change things up whenever you feel the desire with interchangeable shades

– Scentsy Essential Oil Diffusers have a Limited lifetime warranty

What are Oil Diffusers?

Essential Oil Diffusion is the dispersing of essential oils so their scent fills the room with natural fragrance. This is done with aromatherapy diffusers aka essential oil diffusers.


1. Take off the shade and funnel.

2. Pour water into the reservoir until full.

3. Add several drops of Scentsy Oil (pick your favorite or mix them for a fragrance unique to you and your home).

4. Put the funnel and shade back on your Scentsy oil diffuser.

5. Select your favorite light, mist, and colour settings!

6. Sit back and relax. (Optional but highly recommended)