Scentsy Laundry Liquid For Cleaner Better Smelling Clothes

This powerful six-enzyme formula tackles tough stains while the cleaning agents get rid of dirt. It will leave your laundry oh-so clean as it brings your clothes, , towels and linens to life with our signature scents. Detergent for up to 50 medium sized loads. 591 mL.

– Comparable cleaning power to leading brands.
– A blend of 6 enzymes targets tough stains.
– Surfactants rid your laundry of dirt and grime.
РScentsy’s signature fragrances to make things smell amazing.
– Extremely efficient and concentrated formula works great in cold, warm or hot water.
– Free of irritating dyes and coloring agents so it won’t stain your laundry.

Combine with Washer Whiffs, Scent Soft, and/or Dryer Disks for amazing aromatic results.