Looking for Scentsy replacement bulbs?

If so you’ve come to the right place.

3 Scentsy bulbs 25w

Which Scentsy lightbulb does my Warmer take?

The type of Scentsy warmer bulb you need will depends on which Warmer you own. Different Warmers take different lightbulbs with different watts.

Can I find the information on my Warmer?

Yep. Scensty bulb watt info is on a sticker at the bottom the Warmer.

My Warmer doesn’t have a sticker on it.

Flip through your catalogue to see if your Warmer is there. (You can also check our catalog online.) When found, the details will include the watt you need for your model.

How about using a different bulb watt in my Warmer? Maybe a different brand?

It is recommended to use the bulb your Warmer was designed to use. Bulbs with higher wattage can be hazardous and could damage your Warmer. It could also shorten the scent life of your Scentsy Bar.

Ideally it’s recommended to use a Scentsy light bulb. Altering your Warmer in any way can void your warranty.

My diffuser lights went out.

These lights are part of the base and cannot be removed. If your Diffuser lights aren’t functional, you’ll likely require a new base.

Scentsy warmer bulbs x3