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We get it, we really do. Before making a purchase the large majority of us want to see what others are saying about the item(s) before we buy. So, we’ve included a Scentsy review section.

What we can tell you is that people are fanatical about their homes, particularly how they smell. How our living space smells says a lot about us, so we are very particular to make sure it tells our story with just a whiff.

Want a review? How about a bunch of them! You’ll love what people are saying about Scensty.

I adore all of the various Scentsy warmers I own. I have them for various seasons and the fragrance fills my large home perfectly! Seasonal smells of rich citrus in the warmer months or pumpkin spice for the fall! Amazing warmers and I would highly recommend these to everyone!


I love my Scensty items and I have warmers in all of my rooms. Blending fragrances to make new unique version is the best! They have such an amazing selection of scents, as well a ton of other things such as buddies for your kids and car fresheners for those on the go.


I love these warmers cause I never have to worry about the dangers of leaving candles going. I also like that I don’t have to have a harmful air freshener that isn’t good for my daughter.


I really do love Scentsy ! I’m not a fan of candles because I always worry something bad will happen if I leave the area. With these items, I get the aroma benefits of candles without the hassle and worry. Plus they have tons of scents to choose from so you won’t ever get bored.


I like using Scentsy to keep my home smelling fantastic! It’s perfect because it’s non-toxic and the fragrance really lasts a while. One warmer can scent my entire apartment.


These scent warmers are one of my favorite things ever. They smell great and add some personality to the rooms they are in. Plus, there is a large number of fragrances to chose from. I find the wax and warmers to be affordable and would definitely list them as an excellent investment! Highly recommended to those who love fragrances in their living space.


Easy to use, safe and keeps my home smelling charming and fresh. I love it so, so much!  It’s really great they offer a variety of choices… you can find an option for any room. I don’t have to stress about my fur buddies burning themselves and not having to worry about setting fire to my home is a so nice because I generally forget to blow out candles.


Amazing! Such a large assortment of scents and the cost is quite reasonable considering the quality. The wax warmers are gorgeous and are safe enough to leave on constantly as it never get hot enough to burn you. Recommended!


Scentsy wickless candle warmers are the best because you can experience the aromas you love with no hassle or danger of an actual flame. The units are extremely resilient and don’t break easily. Because of this I recommend spending a bit extra on these products. There are all year round scents as well as seasonal scents, which means there’s something for just about any occasion.


These are the only warmers I choose to have in my house and have used them for the past 8 years! I love the variety. Some can be on the pricier side of things but for the quality I believ it’s worth the investment. Additionally, the bulbs being used don’t heat the wax up enough to burn you, so, if a child or pet has wax spilled onto them they won’t be getting a burn.


I literally have one in every room of my home! I just love how it makes everything feel so cozy and homey.


We love Scentsy. We use one in every room and love that there are so many options. Value for the money it is great and I would certainly recommend it.


I love everything about this stuff. From the room sprays to car fresheners to wax melts, it’s all good. It can be a little more $ but I find it tends to last longer than  those you get at other stores.


These have beautiful colors and designs and are really well made! The variety is great and you can find something to match any decor, season and even room.


Love it. They have fantastic bundles, and everyone can find a setup that matches their personality or decor. The fragrance is powerful but not over-whelming. Tons of scents to pick from and are safe to leave on.


I always use Scentsy to keep my house smelling fresh. I have it on 24/7 and guess what? It never over heats. I love that I always get complimented on the smell of my home!


I love candles and these warmers let me have fragrance going all day and night without the worry of accidentally starting a fire. Huge variety of scents and very versatile.