Scentsy Room Sprays

For wherever and whenever your home needs a spritz of freshness and adventure.

These Scentsy sprays have so many uses but the one thing that stands out with them is convenience. There are times that you need an immediate scent boost in your home. Surprise guests perhaps? Whatever the situation may be, these sprays can instantly take control of the room. Even if it’s just for a few minutes until your warmer or diffuser gets into the mix.

Scentsy room spray is available in the same fragrances as many other products, so it’s perfect for pairing. Actually and it’s not uncommon to find people purchasing these room sprays to pair with their favorite scented bars.
Many people are surprised at just how well they worked with so little spray being used.

Where Scentsy Sprays Work Best

You know what makes Scentsy air fresheners so popular? It’s their flexibility and ability to be used while on the go. Since they are so small, they are perfect for taking with you.
Of course these are popular in the living room or bedrooms but there are a ton of other places these can work really well.

Attics, garages, tree-houses, wine cellars, musty smelling rooms, and bathrooms.

Real estate agents, you know more than anyone showing a house is all about presentation. Spritz this around the home before your clients show up and they’ll instantly be intrigued.
Even if you have a Scent Circle or Car Bar in your vehicle, a quick pump or 2 can take things from smelling good to smelling amazing!
Keep one of these handy, you never know when you might need some instant scent.
Make sure to check out the bundle and save section. By buying a pack of six room sprays, you’ll save and it’s like getting one free.