A Scentsy Circle For Any Location

Sometimes you just need some scent flexibility and that’s where a Scentsy Scent Circle saves the day. Put them in… Hang them from…. These obedient circles will go wherever they are told bringing their uplifting aroma with them.

Scent circles are a flat, circular disk with an elasticated string making it easy to attach it to well, pretty much anything.
Scentsy Scent Circles are available in 80+ scents and the original intention was to use them on the rear view mirror of your car but people started hanging them everywhere!

How Long Does It Last?

After opening the package the fragrance is released. The scent will approximately a week but there are so many variables. It might last longer if you don’t remove the plastic and just puncture or pull it down part way. If it’s near an open window or vents can effect the duration as well as the scent you’ve purchased. Some scents are stronger than other ones and so that can also effect it’s longevity.

Three Scentsy circles on display