Scentsy Fragrance Flower

The Sola Wood Flower Is An All New Way To Enjoy Scentsy

The brand new Fragrance Flower places incredible fragrance into your environment all while looking gorgeous in any room. Simply place it where you want the scent and enjoy.

No plug. No problem.


Our totally gorgeous and brand new Sola Flower releases incredible fragrance while looking so beautiful anywhere in your home. Simply put it where you like and enjoy it. Absolutely no outlet or any power source required.

This Scentsy scented flower is made from natural materials and is handcrafted, meaning no 2 flowers are exactly the same!

Absorbs our scented oil for scent that can last for up to 2 months.

The best part is that it comes with everything needed: jar with fragrance oil, the beautiful flower as well as a decorative cap.


Q: What exactly are sola flowers?

A: Well, contrary to their name Sola flowers are not actually real flowers.

It’s actually a plant called: Aeschynomene aspera  which is often referred to as shola or sola worldwide.

It’s actually one of the lightest woods available and grows in marshy regions.

Most often the bark is removed to expose the cork like center of this plant. The center is then usually manufactured into thin sheets (they are also frequently handmade with the shavings sourced from balsa tree bark or tapioca) and used to make the sola wood flowers by hand.  Every single sola wood flower is created by hand!  Occasionally the bark is left on when making the sheets and those are typically referred to as skin or bark flowers due to its 2-tone appearance but in this case the natural color is just the ivory.

Each individual sola flower is carefully made into a life like flower.


Q: Are sola wood flowers natural?

A: Absolutely! Sola flowers are a natural and eco-friendly product. These are sustainable and one hundred percent biodegradable.

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