The time for the dreaded spring clean up has come again. You can only avoid it for so long.
It’s expected of all of us but just how many of us really dig in and make it really count?
We’re not talking about the day to day stuff we do already, we’re talking about the deep cleaning like moving things around, scouring, scrubbing, painting, shampooing, replacing, and throwing out the built up clutter. You know, the yearly things that keep your house looking clean and well-cared for, which in turn will result in saving you money and time further down the road.
The reality is, there is a huge difference between clean and tidy. We all know this, but now is the time of year that reminds us of stuff we’ve been putting off and to get down to business and clean, clean, clean. Our homes go though a lot of LIFE during the run of the year so now is the time to give it a little TLC.
None of us want to spend the time doing these looming tasks but they must be done. So, in order to help speed things up and make them just a little more enjoyable we’ve come up with this Scentsy Spring Cleanup Guide to help.


1. Make a clean up list

It doesn’t matter how you do it but jot down everything you want to get accomplished before summer gets here. This way you won’t forget things, plus it feels awesome to check things of as you complete them.
If you need some help with the list then have a quick family meeting and ask everyone what things they’ve noticed that need doing.


2. Involve your family

Nobody is going to like this but you are a family and should all work together to keep a cozy, clean home. Assigning tasks from the checklist will help with teaching your children what’s involved with keeping a home in good condition.

Kids helping with the spring clean up

Make it a game to bring out people’s competitive side! Set a timer to see how fast the floors can be washed or the closet cleaned out. Prizes might be an option but we find bragging rights are usually enough for family events.


3. Choose your weapons

Your normal cleaning supplies might not be enough for specific tasks so deep cleaning might need you to bring in some heavy hitters.
For the kitchen, Scentsy Counter Clean is perfect. In the bathroom remove the scum with Scentsy Bathroom Cleaner. Clean and with a great scent left over.
Some jobs require the above special tools, but some of the cleaning can be taken care of with nothing but a bucket of soapy, hot water. Scentsy’s new All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate can be used on almost every surface, including floors and walls. Even better is that just 1 properly diluted bottle makes 6x 16 oz. bottles of solution. Plus instead of leaving behind a chemical clean smell, you’ll get a fresh Scentsy fragrance.


4. Start early to be done sooner

Spring clean up isn’t hard but it does take a long time to do. It can be overwhelming but by picking away at a little at a time will make it feel a lot more manageable, so start earlier to relieve the pressure.


5. Spring Cleaning Rewards

Regardless if you treat your family during the cleaning days or save it all up for a grand finally treat at the very end, including some rewards will give your family something to look forward to.
You know your family best, so pick the best reward to put smiles on the faces of your cleaning team. Maybe it’s ice-cream, maybe it’s a trip to the movie theater, choose what motivates.


The Poll

Here’s a poll to check if your house is due for deep spring cleaning in 2019.
In the past 12 months, have you:

• Changed the air filter(s)?
• Cleaned behind and under the refrigerator?
• Washed your carpets and rugs?
• Cleaned your gutters?
• Washed the windows?
• Power-washed the siding and decks?
• Trimmed the hedges and long trees branches back from your house?
• Replaced batteries in smoke detectors?
• Cleaned your shower curtains?
• Decluttered your closets?
• Decluttered your living spaces?
• Cleaned the garage?
• Taken excess garbage to the dump?

What could be re-organized? What have you neglected? Cleaning your house is good for the soul. It might seem overwhelming in the beginning but by chipping away at this, you see the results and feel better in general. Happy cleaning!