April showers might bring May flowers but they also bring soaked muddy clothes, mucky boots, and filthy floors that all need some extra attention.
Let’s make sure to keep the puddles outside with these amazing Scentsy Spring tips to keep a great-smelling and sparkling clean home:

Create a family dumping ground.

You’ll need a place to gather all of the spring soaked clothes. It might be the garage, the laundry room, mudroom or entrance way, regardless where it is you’ll need to make that the family knows to hang up or drop their drenched gear before coming further inside. Have an umbrella stand to catch the rain water, wall hooks for wet jackets, and a floor-mat or tray for catching mud. You can even have a hamper or laundry basket there to gather the clothes into.

Spritz shoes with deodorizer.

Nobody enjoys the smell of wet, worn-in sneakers. It’s easy to avoid the mold and odors that comes from puddle jumping by placing soggy shoes on a rack for drying, and then spraying them with our Scentsy Fresh both inside and out.

Easier mop-ups.

It doesn’t matter how often you remind the kids to peal off their dirty shoes and boots before coming in, there will always be muddy prints on the floor. And that dog, he never listens. Keep our All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate close-by with a mop and bucket and you’ll be able to keep things sparkling clean. The more you use it the more it creates an invisible barrier to repel dirt and grime, making it simpler to clean over time. Try something citrusy for a real nice clean feeling.

Laundry fragrance.

Use it just once and you’ll go back! When you team up high-performance Laundry Liquid with scented Washer Whiffs you’ll not only get incredibly clean results, but also a wonderful fragrance. Goodbye musty towels and damp clothes smell.

Spring into Spring!

Get rid of the stress with these simple things and enjoy the spring thunderstorms that get trees budding and flowers blooming. Be prepared for the mess and embrace the fact that it’s coming whether you like it or not. A little mess can be the perfect excuse to use some great scents.