What Are Scentsy Travel Tins?

I’m glad you asked. These are tiny tins with a slide top that are designed to be a convenient way to take Scentsy with you regardless of where your adventures may take you. Inside is metagel, which is a microscopic open cell foam and fragrance oil. These stay solid at temperatures up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

How much you slide the lid of the tin open, dictates how much fragrance gets distributed. We’re talking: hotel rooms, bathrooms, gym lockers, closets, drawers, cars, and pretty much anywhere you might feel a need to get some mesmerizing scents into your day.

How Long Will My Scentsy Tin Last?

This really depends on a variety of conditions. The dryer and the hotter the climate the faster it will loose strength. Each fragrance is unique and can weaken faster than others. In addition,  a travel tin with the lid slid wide open will dissipate much faster than if the lid is just opened partially.

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