Scentsy Warmers For A Beautiful Smelling Home

Your home is an extension of your identity. Help to make it unique to you and your family with a Scentsy Warmer. Rustic, modern, classic, feminine, artsy, vintage, or whatever style defines you, these beautiful wax warmer designs will help you to show of your own style and fill your home with lasting scent.

Simply melt the scented wax with the heat of a low-watt light-bulb. This will fill your home with soul soothing aromas, no flame, no smoke and no soot.

Scentsy Candle Warmers are designed to melt scented wax bars and in the process throw an amazing amount of fragrance over a long period of time. Scentsy Wax Warmers melt the wax at lower temperatures keeping things safe and offering you peace of mind. There is never any danger of burning your children or pets.

How Does A Wax Warmer Work?

Using a scented wax warmer to distribute scent in your home is the fastest growing niche in the home fragrance sector, but there are still many individuals who don’t know what it is. New to using wax melt warmers? Keep reading to see exactly how this works.

Wax Melt Warming 101

Although many people haven’t used an electric candle warmer, they are likely familiar with the predecessor, the good old scented candle. We all know how scented candles work. The flame from the candle heats the and melts the wax around it. As the wax melts, it distributes the scent infused in the wax and this exact idea applies to scented wax warming. By using a Scentsy wax warmer and placing a piece of the wax melt into the melting area, the heat from underneath releases the infused fragrance oil. The heat is generated from a light bulb, and the wax slowly melts, without a flame.

Safety of Electric Candle Warmers

Mother and son playing a game while enjoing a Scentsy wax warmer

The key point to using a tart warmer is that in no way is a flame needed. Why is this important? Well, because according to the National Candle Association, about twenty five home candle fires are reported daily. Most of these are due to people forgetting to blow out their candles prior to going to bed or leaving their home. This has actually caused so many incidents that many dorm rooms and apartment buildings now prohibit scented candles to reduce the risk of fires.
Warming wax helps avoid these fire dangers. With a Scentsy plugin warmer, you can just turn it off at bedtime or when leaving your house. Even if a warmer is accidentally left on for a prolonged period of time there is no flame to worry about.

A Scentsy Candle Warmer Can Help To Control Scent

Other than safety there are other benefits to using a wax warmer. Because you only have to use a little bit of wax at a time, you can control the amount of wax used/day. This allows you the opportunity to switch fragrances far more often, and it also lets you mix scents together to make their own unique scent based masterpieces.
Also, they can be a far more cost effective because you have a set amount of wax per cube and it results in using less wax per melting session.

Scentsy Warmers: They Just Make Scents

Wax warmers come in a variety of designs, styles and shapes. It’s extremely important to use a warmer designed specifically for melting wax, because other types of warmers can reach temperatures higher than what your scented wax was intended to withstand. This will burn out your scents prematurely. It can also be dangerous to use a warmer not designed for this purpose. Remember, we are looking for a controlled and constant low heat.

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