Hey everyone! It’s time to kick off our amazing blog, and what better way to do that than by having some fun. Let’s talk about fragrance and what your choices say about your personality. I’m sure we won’t be right in all cases but hey, this is for fun so let’s see just how accurate we can be in general.
They say the eyes are the window to the soul but I think the more accurate window is through your fragrance choices.

What the research says

Alan R. Hirsh, MD, says that there is data linking you personality to your choice of fragrance. He has done personality tests with 18,631 people and counting. He says “It’s basically like a Rorschach test but using odor preferences. This is because you understand someone better if you know what they like”.
All to often people can put up false first impressions by behaving in ways they think people would want and expect. A great example of this is first dates. They want to put their best side forward, be likable and win the other person over. But I think we can all agree that in many cases what you first see is not what you get, at least perhaps not over the long term.
With scent, you can understand who they really are. Based on Dr. Hirsch’s results this is what you are likely to encounter.

Strong Citrus Personality

Do people describe you as intense, or an alpha male or alpha female. Do you need to take charge and be in control? If so you likely are drawn to citrus based scents.
We’re talking about natural leaders who are ambitious and strong willed. Some may view these people as aggressive or dominant but it’s ok to be passionate in your own way.

Cautious Rose Scents
Strong impulse control is the foundation of Rose fans . Considerate and cautious, these individuals are sensitive to what others need and will weight every option before saying something or making a choice.
Most people have a long list of embarrassing memories or things they’d rather forget, but you have almost none. It always leaves you thinking, “Why don’t people think before they act?”

Friendly Lavender

If you love lavender then you likely have a huge network of close-knit friends. You get along with almost everyone and people are instantly extremely comfortable around you. Those that like lavender work well in groups and are thoughtful. If someone is down in the dumps or stressed, you’ll likely be the one to make the effort to cheer them up.

Fun Loving Vanilla

People that love Vanilla are energetic, lively, and almost always the life of the party. These fun loving folk love to party, dance, drink, and socialize in buzzing environments. Being at home doesn’t really do it for you as you’d rather be out doing something exciting.

Sandalwood Perfectionists

If sandalwood just does it for you then you’ve likely been your own biggest critic for as far back as you can remember. You’ve been so hard on yourself, to the point of being draining but you know it’s what has gotten you to where you are. Excellence in athletics, academics and your career path is because of this perfectionism.
These individuals are easily offended and can often misinterpret what others say about them. Just relax and pat yourself on the back for all of your successes.

Moody Fruity

You’d think that people that like the sweet smells would be as sweet as the scents they love but it’s often quite the opposite. According to the research they tend to be pessimistic,crank, and irritable. Those that gravitate towards tropical fruits, apples or berries are often the moodiest folks in the room that are generally easily annoyed and sarcastic.
When kept in check these traits actually make for an individual that help to keep the groups dynamics grounded and center by keeping things real. Sometimes the truth hurts but it’s needed to be said and these folks are the ones to say it.

Fashionable Coconuts


Coconut cut in half


Those that love coconut are usually the most stylish and fashionable of people. They love the finer things in life, often leading to expensive jewelry and designer label clothing.
They take charge and command the attention of the room. Coconut lovers like to make decisions for others but people trust your intuition so it works out.

Linen Lover Like A Challenge

Love linen scents? Then you are probably the type to run a full marathon, just for fun. These folks are always training and testing themselves. They believe that hard work makes anything achievable and are always pushing the limits.
Linen fans are extremely competitive, self confident, and goal oriented in everything they do.

Jasmines Are Wild

Take a vanilla lover but turn up the intensity. They always have to take the fun to the next level. They need exciting new adventures and need novelty. They are often provocative partiers that stay out and dance until the sun comes up. They believe that life is worth living to its fullest and they aren’t going to waste a minute of it being bored.
If you love Jasmine fragrances then your middle name is probably “spontaneous” and you’ve never met a party drink you didn’t like.

Happy Honeysuckles

Honeysuckle fans are laid back, happy go lucky people that never, ever cause drama. They just want to be happy and avoid any drama and negativity. There is no feeling down or bummed out around these folks. They’ll lift you up and fill you with positive vibes every-time you are around them

So, what do you think? Do these line up your favorite scents with your personality?
Of course you might really love several of these scents and that’s where things get interesting as the traits can start to blend.


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