Think hard, back to among the big moments in your life. What details do you remember? Was it what you were putting on, what was on TV, where you went to supper that night.? Maybe you remember the cool, crisp autumn breeze. How did you feel?
Does a certain fragrance come to mind?

When you first take in a new fragrance, you connect it to an occasion, a person, a thing or perhaps even a moment. Your mind builds a link between the smell as well as the memory. Perhaps connecting the scent of chlorine with summer at the swimming pool or the perfume someone was wearing the first time you met them. When you experience the smell once more, the link is already there, all set to elicit a memory or a mood.
Scentsy calls them scent memories, the emotion and memory that comes back to you when you catch the scent of something familiar. Occasionally anticipated, but most often it’s a total surprise. These scent memories have the power to take us back in time with just the subtlest trace of that scent.

It’s when you’re going for a walk and the flowers are in bloom so your mind takes a trip back to that first year of owning your home when you planted flowers in the front yard.
Or maybe it’s when you hold a close friends newborn baby and get a whiff of that new-baby smell and it takes you right back to when your kids where that small.

Fragrance is amazing! It makes us feel. It takes our breath away. That’s likely why it’s been loved so much throughout history. Many Scentsy fragrances are really designed and inspired by real-life memories. Our perfumers frequently try to recapture the happiness of a vacation or something from their childhood as they create a brand-new aroma. It’s in the hopes that it will bring back fond memories for you too.

Scent is everything and we’re consumed with the way scent brings back memories and also influences mood.
One whiff of a tray of home baked chocolate cookies appearing out of the oven, and you can almost feel your Grandmother standing beside you. The smell of pastels can take you back to that first day of kindergarten. The scent of a specific aftershave can make you think of the scruff of your dad’s face against your little cheek as he brought you from the vehicle to the house as you pretended to be asleep after a long drive.

Memories and scent are linked with each other. But why?

Have you ever thought about the science behind our complex connection with fragrance? Even the not-so-pleasant smells have an area in our lives and memories. Well, according to scientists, it has to do with brain composition. As smells are received and processed by your olfactory bulb located in a small cluster in the back of your nasal cavity and just below your brain – 2 vital areas that are strongly tied to memory as well as emotion are triggered.
What’s much more fascinating is that touch, sight as well as hearing don’t get proceed through that part of the mind. That’s why smells and also fragrances are much more effective than sight and sound when it involves unlocking our feelings and memories.

Fun Facts:

Humans can identify more than 10,000 different fragrances thanks to the specialized olfactory receptors we talked about.
Nobody interprets any of these scents identically, which means our experiences are completely distinct.
The mind obtains these scent signals, and then interacts with your memory center to either identify the smell or inform you if it’s new.
Research study’s show that the brain is excellent at remembering scents and can also remember certain fragrances long after they were initial taken in.

Amazing, right?

So, this describes why, when you drop a couple of cubes of something from the bakery line into your Warmer, you could be carried back to your aunts home in the country. As well as why, if you put a little Hug in a Mug to your Warmer, you could find yourself as a kid again, thawing out at the kitchen table after just having an epic snowball fight with your siblings.
The possibilities are endless, and also so very surprising. You don’t actually know which scents are going to unlock which memories till you experience them for yourself.
So, the next time you try a new Scentsy fragrance, it just could wind up taking you back to a moment long forgotten. One so magical that it will have you smiling all day.